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Zhuoding industry and trade is a modern enterprise integrating design, development, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of copper doors, cast aluminum doors, copper windows, copper handrails, copper ceiling, copper screens and other series of products. We are characterized by our unique features in raw material purchase, process design, manufacturing process and surface treatment, and scientific application of AUTO-CAD technology and professional students...
  • Precision cast copper plate, after unique treatment, Build a strong external guard
  • New fire prevention, waterproof, heat insulation Sound insulation material, function upgrade
  • Galvanized steel armor for double protection To strengthen the protection, forging the unyielding body of the door


Deduce the meticulous and delicate concept of joint defense, and "strengthen" the sacred duty of guardian.


Elaborate design shows extraordinary taste, extraordinary technology creates diamond quality


My "door" is different, Zhuoding copper door does every door with heart. According to the needs of home design, personalized, humanized service。