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Manufacturing technology of copper door

Publish:2022-06-28 Views:

The manufacturing process of the copper door is more complex, and there are more steps to deal with the door than the general door, which is also one of the characteristics of the copper door.

Generally speaking, copper doors do not need too much color treatment, just keep the original red and yellow. The inner part of the copper door is a steel framework, and the outer part is covered with processed copper panel profiles. T2 copper strip, which is easy to bend and shape and not easy to crack, is the profile of copper door panel and is widely used in copper doors. Although copper is a kind of anticorrosive material, it will be further treated in the production of copper door. For example, wire drawing is carried out on the surface first, and then surface cleaning and passivation are carried out for many times to keep the original color of copper. Next, phosphating treatment is carried out at least twice to form a protective film on the surface. After that, spraying protective paint, baking at 1600 ℃ and natural cooling are required to complete a batch of finished copper doors. As for the steel framework in the door, it is hot-dip galvanized, and then the steel structure is welded and installed. In addition, like the doors made of other materials, the copper doors also need to be customized. After the workers determine the detail size through on-site investigation, they can go back and cut the materials according to the relevant data and drawings.