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Natural art of courtyard door

Publish:2022-06-28 Views:

With the popularity of courtyard doors, more and more people turn from copper doors to cast aluminum doors. Cast aluminum courtyard doors are favored by people with their own advantages. Because courtyard doors make the courtyard in the feudal society with strict hierarchy, the house and its gate courtyard doors are not only a solid barrier to protect the safety of the door, but also directly represent the grade and social status of the owner, This is the meaning of the so-called "equal family" and "equal family". Therefore, people attach great importance to the type and grade of the gate.

Advantages of courtyard door:

1. Hard: the hardness of aluminum profile can resist tensile force and large impact force

2. Corrosion resistance: the surface of aluminum guardrail is closely attached to a layer of hard aluminum oxide film, and then after surface treatment such as paint or powder, its protection performance can be further strengthened, so it has strong corrosivity, so it can be safely used in cities with air pollution or coastal areas with sea salt corrosion.

3. Exquisite and smooth surface: aluminum has unique advantages, which can be applied to a variety of different surface polishing technologies, such as paint, powder coating, anodizing and electrophoresis. The surface is smooth powder coating, which can resist ultraviolet light, and can keep bright and glossy for a long time without frequent maintenance. The powder coating is durable and has a variety of colors to choose from.

4. Performance: the aluminum gate is made of high strength industrial aluminum, which is formed by T15 heat treatment and carefully designed. There are no drill, joint and solder joints on the surface, so the overall strength is high.

5. Overall appearance: linear appearance, soft tone, can coordinate the surrounding landscape, can combine modern urban space and natural environment, let you leisurely.

6. Practicability: special process, forming protective film, smooth, no rust, easy to clean, no maintenance.

The traditional materials are mainly iron, copper and solid wood. With the change of the times, the whole cast aluminum, zinc steel and special materials also stepped on the stage of history, and quickly became the favorite.

With the change of the times, people's pursuit of beauty is constantly changing. At present, the mainstream product of courtyard door is a simple style full of modern aesthetic fashion, which combines traditional Chinese classical art and European culture.