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Cho Ding Trade and Industry is located in the doors - Yongkang, with the experience of many years of production outstanding Tongmen series, and set design, production, installation and after-sales service, with a cash production equipment and technology. Zhuo tripod bronze doors based on the profound cultural foundation of China's copper, the absorption of the characteristics of Chinese and Western architectural styles, to achieve the perfect combination of historic and modern. Continuous innovation to provide our clients with a variety of artistic beauty, superior quality products and perfect service system, to make our products both in terms of security, performance is appreciated by customers.

The Zhuo Ding Tongmen for copper surface treatment of high-tech drying paint, color stable, uniform and beautiful. The internal framework of galvanized pipe casting, sturdy rust-proof. Copper from the German imports of raw materials, quality assurance, solid and durable.

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